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Focused on Public Safety since 1999, Brite provides innovative police technology that delivers safety for officers, improves efficiency of a wide variety of tasks and enhances incident response times. Brite’s customer-focused team combines market knowledge with leading innovative technologies to put together solutions that address the needs in the vehicle, at the real time crime center, during investigations or back at Headquarters.

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The Brite Advantage

Brite’s customer-focused team combines market knowledge with innovative technologies to design solutions that address the needs in the vehicle, at the real time crime center, during investigations and back at HQ. We pride ourselves on helping customers through every step of the buying journey: solution exploration, purchase, deployment and on-going support.

Solutions for Patrol

Public Safety vehicles have transformed from simply a mode of patrol transportation to a high-tech mobile workspace. With access to tremendous amounts of data, it is critical for the systems to be usable, reliable and secure. Since 1999, Brite has specialized in customizing the right mobile workspace for each department.

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Mobile Computing

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Body-Worn and In-Car Video

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Automatic License Plate Reader

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Automatic Vehicle Location System

Solutions for Investigations and Real-Time Crime Centers

Advanced intelligence and real-time crime center tools provide critical information for officers when moments matter.  Utilize technologies ranging from real-time visual operations platforms and drone defense technologies to video analytics platforms to power informed and rapid decision making.  The outcome of strategic investigation and real-time crime center technology use is increased officer and community safety.

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Integrated Visual Operations Center

Video Analysis

Automated License Plate Recognition

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Open, Deep and Dark Web Intelligence

Drone Defense

Body-worn and In-Vehicle Video

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