Securing a Network: Gain Control of Network Traffic

We’ve said it a million times, everyone has said it a million times – threats are evolving, networks are becoming more dynamic and traditional security approaches are no longer enough.  These days, the combination of the influx of connected devices and changes to networks, creates the necessity of having full visibility and the ability to take action on rogue or compromised devices. 

For complete and true visibility both devices and network traffic need to be exposed and examined.  Once complete visibility is achieved, the next step is control.  Control includes both device and network traffic segmentation. 

Illumio’s solution focuses on achieving adaptive segmentation and control of network traffic through visibility.  Visibility provides four categories of insights.  

Context: In order to write policies, it’s necessary to understand which applications are connected, what type of information they are communicating and what normal workloads are.  

Risk mitigation: Once context is established; risk mitigation takes the information of how an application is connected to the world and what all the various paths of both wanted and unwanted traffic are.  When understood, security tools can be put in place to mitigate possible risks and determine how the rest of the infrastructure is deployed around the application, therefore creating detailed live application dependency maps. 

Policy Testing: With detailed dependency maps created, policies can be tested prior to deployment to ensure the proper operation and eliminate surprises.   

Compliance: Complete application workload visibility and detailed dependency maps make it easy for regulatory official and application owners to ensure all compliances needs are met. 

Overall, Illumio’s approach to securing data is planted in establishing workload visibility to drive insights and create a live full context map in which policies can be implemented upon leading to adaptive segmentation and a stronger security posture. 

If network traffic visibility and segmentation are part of your organizations project plan, then reach out and we’ll get you in touch with our team of trusted advisors and engineers to see how Illumio and Brite can help you.  

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