Forescout Administrator (FSCA) Training


Brite is pleased to offer the 4-day Forescout Administrator (FSCA) training course.  Brite’s training certified engineer will walk you through hands-on training and offer their copious real-world, multi-environment experience to assist in education.  After the course, participants will be prepared for the FSCA exam.


Early Bird Price – $3,000 | Regular Price – $3,500

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Pathway to Certification

This course is the first step in the training path to Forescout Certified Administrator Certification. It not only teaches students the theory and fundamentals of CounterACT administration, it prepares them for industry-recognized certification. After taking this course, students should be prepared to attain FSCA certification.


Brite’s Forescout Certified Administrator training is a four-day course featuring instruction and includes hands-on labs in a simulated IT environment. Students learn how to establish security policies using all Forescout’s available tools. Students will classify and control assets in a network environment and observe how CounterACT monitors and protects an enterprise network.


Forescout recognizes the benefit of highly skilled administrators to successfully sustain CounterACT capabilities in complex customer environments. FSCA certification validates that a person has the expertise to successfully support CounterACT in an enterprise environment. Certification Testing. The FSCA certification test is a 120-minute, online written exam. The test requires students to demonstrate a working knowledge of CounterACT capabilities.

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