Are you in love with your managed service provider?

5 signs it’s not the one

Falling head over heels for your managed service provider isn’t something you probably ever dreamed of as a child but if you don’t get butterflies thinking about your MSP and what it does for your organization, then it’s probably not the one.  Just because it may get the job done, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the right provider for your company.  

Here are 5 signs you need to reconsider your MSP.

1. Communication is key.

The number one rule of any relationship is open, two-way communication. If there isn’t any, then information is going to get lost and someone is going to feel in the dark.  Ensure that communication is there with quarterly business reviews and executive reports.  Additionally, and if there is an immediate issue then the 24/7 help desk creates a direct channel so you can solve any problems day or night (although a good relationship means less reactive support and downtime).

2. As J.Lo once said, “Love don’t cost a thing” 

There is a cost to having a MSP –  it’s the way of confirming you’re in a relationship (like giving her your favorite hoodie),  but that doesn’t mean that you should be blindsided when your provider chooses to charge you for every call or solution.  The reason you first hired an MSP was because your organization was not capable of handling the IT tasks, there shouldn’t be a charge for what you originally hired for.  We believe in a fixed monthly cost, and to let your love blossom from there, without worrying about being nickeled and dimed.

3. Why settle?

You know when you buy the generic ice cream and it’s good enough, then you finally try Ben & Jerry’s, and you don’t know why you settled for the generic for all that time? Don’t be in that position with your current MSP.  Why be complacent with an average service? Be sure to have the most up-to-date IT services and practices and a good relationship with a team who is there to enable your company’s success.  Remember, a MSP isn’t and should not be just a help desk, it should also cover infrastructure health and managed cybersecurity.

4. Long distance? Shouldn’t be an issue.

Being long distance may not be ideal in a relationship, but that should not matter with an MSP, especially with the increase in remote workers.  It’s critical having a provider that can securely manage and support those workers.  Also, the ability for those workers to have the option to directly call the for help at any time to solve a problem removes streamlines the problem-solving process and increases productivity.

5. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

Whether it’s a husband and wife of 60 years, Kobe and Shaq or you and your MSP, working well together correlates to success.  In the MSP world, teamwork means outsourcing your IT needs to allow for your IT department (or makeshift IT department) to focus on other proactive efforts.  The daily time-consuming task of monitoring alerts can be delegated to your provider with no maintenance from you required.  There’s no need to waste valuable time on an issue that can easily be resolved by Brite’s expert team.  Or in situations where an employee with no IT knowledge is in charge, he or she does not have to stress about reactively solving problems. 

Obviously, we hold a high-standard for what managed service provider’s relationship with its client should be.  But it’s important to note that we aren’t a fairytale and can give your organization the service it deserves.  So, with that said, here’s our number 1-800-333-0498.  Give us a call sometime.

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